UniDoorLock Limited Time Offer

A Personal and Affordable Door Lock for Home or Travel

Keep the Bad Guys Out for Only $24.99!

Free Shipping in the USA

UniDoorLock Limited Time Offer

Personal and Affordable A Door Lock for Your Home or Travel

Keep the Bad Guys Out for Only $24.99!

Free Shipping in the USA Order online or call 702-773-0608 9am -5pm PST

A Door Lock Invented To Prevent Home Invasions

Ensure the safety of your home with the UniDoorLock. It can prevent intruders from breaking into your home using Lock Picking Tools, Bump Keys or even Kicking in your door. Installed from the inside in seconds with no tools, the UniDoorLock tightens your door to the doorjamb super tight, making it difficult for anyone to kick your door in and impossible to use Bump Keys or Lock Picking Tools to gain unlawful entry.

An Effective Product With an Amazing Ergonomic Design

UniDoorLock is easy to use and can be installed and removed in just a few seconds with no tools. It is made of high-quality materials and its size makes it easy to carry during travel, Have peace of mind with the UniDoorLock on your door. Now you can purchase the UniDoorLock for only $24.99 with free shipping through out the United States.


Why UniDoorLock Was Invented

The Problem

Bump Key and Lock Picking crimes are on the rise. However, most people are unaware that the tools these Bad Guys use are available online for less than a tank of gas. These tools can be used by anyone. Bump Key and Lock Picking crimes occur without a forced entry. The Bad Guys gain entry within seconds and without much noise. You don't want to wake up and find the Bad Guys already in your home. With the UniDoorLock on your doors, the thieves can't use Bump Keys or Pick your locks to gain entry. And don't forget if they try to kick your door in, the UniDoorLock can stop that too!

What Are Bump Keys

Bump keys look like your normal keys, except they can open at least 85% of all doors in the United States. Burglars will only need to insert the bump key into the keyway and tap it with the end of a screwdriver or any blunt object while turning it. This opens the lock easily and with minimal noise. It doesn't even break your keyway, so you wouldn't know someone has broken into your home.

Facts about Lock Bumping

  • At a website found online, $24.99 can buy a set of bump keys made from solid brass. They are for the five most commonly used keys in the United States: Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, Dexter, Weiser, and Master Lock.
  • Lock bumping is not a new technique but it's rapidly spreading across the nation because of the Internet. Lock Picking Tools have been around a long time.
  • Thieves can unlock 90% of doors with lock bump keys or Lock Picking tools.
  • If your house was broken into through bumping or picking the locks, the door locks would still work just fine and you would never know the locks picked or bumped. With no forced entry the insurance companies might not pay the claim. Get the best! unidoorlock.com

UniDoorLock Installation Instructions


Not responsible for any damage to doors from the use of the UniDoorLock.

Do not install the UniDoorLock on doors with loose hardware on door.

Tighten all hardware on doors before installing UniDoorLock on door.